"Top 15 Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Games for Android in 2023"

25 min read Best Real-Time Strategy Games for Android in 2023: Strategize your way to victory with these fantastic real-time strategy games December 14, 2023 06:24 "Top 15 Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Games for Android in 2023"

"Best RTS Games on Android in 2023: Experience the Thrill of Strategy on Bigger Screens"

Mobile RTS games have come a long way, offering a comparable experience to their PC counterparts thanks to innovative controls and larger screens. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the strategic gameplay, we recommend picking up a budget Android tablet, as a bigger screen is better for RTS games.

Discover our curated selection of top RTS games available on the Play Store. From beloved PC ports like Total War: MEDIEVAL II to exclusive mobile titles like Iron Marines: Invasion, there's a diverse range of options for every strategy enthusiast. Embrace the challenge and embark on a journey towards victory with these exceptional Android games.

1Sid Meier's Railroads

"Sid Meier's Railroads: The Perfect Blend of RTS and Tycoon Gaming for Busy Players"
Sid Meier's Railroads may initially appear to be a tycoon game, but it offers much more than that - it seamlessly combines elements of both real-time strategy (RTS) and management tycoon genres. Although online multiplayer is not available, you can still indulge in intense offline AI battles as you construct railways in real-time.

This game is a fantastic choice for players who enjoy tycoon games but don't have the luxury of spending weeks on a single save. Sid Meier's Railroads provides bite-sized gaming experiences that can be completed within a few hours, allowing for meticulous strategic planning. Discover the perfect balance between strategy and time efficiency with this captivating title.


"Total War: Medieval II - The Definitive RTS Experience on Android's Play Store"
Total War: Medieval II for Android offers a refined and near-perfect Total War experience on mobile, setting a new standard for the genre. While playing on tablets is recommended for optimal enjoyment, this game stands out as one of the best RTS titles available on the Play Store today.
With its expansive scope and immersive gameplay, Total War: Medieval II takes players on a journey across continents and through different time periods. While it may initially feel overwhelming, diving into the game reveals a rewarding and captivating RTS experience. If you find yourself with ample spare time, embark on this epic adventure and conquer the virtual world.

3Cultist Simulator 

"Cultist Simulator: Dive into a Lovecraftian Real-Time Card Game Adventure on Android"
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Cultist Simulator, one of the top card games available on Android. Unlike most card games, Cultist Simulator offers a unique real-time gameplay experience. Embark on a Lovecraftian adventure where you'll summon spirits, encounter gods, and navigate a labyrinth of plots and deceit that demands strategic planning.
In this game, careful resource management is crucial, as a misstep can quickly lead to losing control. Cultist Simulator's appeal lies in its lack of tutorial, allowing players to learn through trial and error, uncovering the game's secrets and twists. With its unforgiving and immersive gameplay, this title offers an utterly fantastic and unforgettable experience. Delve into the mysterious depths of Cultist Simulator on your Android device today.

4Rusted Warfare

"Rusted Warfare: A Classic No-Frills RTS Game for Android with Massive Armies"
Don't be fooled by the retro graphics of Rusted Warfare; it's a nostalgic tribute to beloved titles like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, where managing colossal armies was the key to victory. This mobile game seamlessly brings those mechanics to the palm of your hand, establishing itself as one of the best strategy games available on Android. Without flashy UI or animations, Rusted Warfare caters to players seeking a classic, no-frills RTS experience on their mobile devices.
Despite the initial challenge of understanding all the different aspects of the game, Rusted Warfare offers an extensive selection of buildings and units to command. Thanks to its logical unit arrangement and facilities, you'll quickly find yourself assembling massive armies. And controlling them is a breeze, as Rusted Warfare optimizes traditional RTS controls for touchscreens, allowing you to deploy your troops with just a few taps. Dive into the epic battles of Rusted Warfare and conquer the battlefield on your Android device today.

5Rome: Total War

"Rome: Total War on Android: Command Epic RTS Battles and Conquer Ancient Empires"
Experience the timeless brilliance of Rome: Total War, one of the oldest and most revered titles in the Total War franchise, now available on the Play Store. This Android port showcases a brand new user interface (UI) and cleverly redesigned controls, providing a seamless touch screen experience. Discover how this complex RTS has been expertly adapted for mobile gaming, making it effortless to command hundreds of soldiers from the convenience of your phone.
In Rome: Total War, you'll take control of one of nineteen factions, ranging from Rome to Carthage, as you embark on a campaign to conquer Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. While the massive real-time strategy battles remain the game's centerpiece, a thoughtful turn-based campaign phase allows players to strategize and plan their conquests with precision. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of ancient empires and lead your forces to victory in Rome: Total War on Android today.

6Bad North: Jotunn Edition

"Bad North: Defend Your Island Kingdom from Viking Invaders in this Engaging Tactical Game"
Take command of an island kingdom besieged by relentless Viking invaders in Bad North. This captivating tactical game challenges you to lead your people to safety by battling waves of ax-wielding marauders across procedurally generated islands. With missions designed to be satisfyingly victorious yet short enough to captivate your attention (perfect for your commute!), Bad North offers an immersive gameplay experience.
Before each mission, strategically position your troops around the island and issue general orders. The game removes micromanagement, allowing each unit to interpret your commands intelligently. Don't let the charming aesthetics deceive you; within minutes, you'll find yourself knee-deep in Viking blood as your brave warriors fight fiercely until the bitter end. Prepare to defend your kingdom and face the Viking hordes head-on in Bad North, the ultimate tactical adventure on Android.


"Northgard: A Modern Classic RTS Game with Challenging Gameplay on Android"
Experience the captivating gameplay of Northgard, a recent addition to the RTS genre that has quickly become a classic. Drawing inspiration from beloved RTS games like Age of Empires, Northgard combines classic mechanics with modern elements. The game revolves around resource management and strategic planning as you grow your settlement and send troops to conquer enemy territory. However, beware of brutal winters, savage wildlife, and the roaming Kraken, as they can swiftly bring doom upon an unprepared settlement.
While Northgard's campaign introduces players to its main factions, the real excitement lies in its multiplayer mode. Each faction offers a unique path to victory, and while the game is easy to learn, it takes time and practice to achieve consistent success. Don't be discouraged by Northgard's unforgiving nature, as it stands as one of the most competitive and rewarding RTS games available for Android. Embrace the challenge and conquer the world of Northgard today!

8Plague Inc.

"Plague Inc.: Satisfy Your Global Destruction Urge in this Complex Browser Classic"
If your desire to wreak havoc on our planet hasn't waned despite the global pandemic, Plague Inc. is the game for you. This browser classic offers a complex gameplay experience that rewards strategic planning and careful maneuvering to successfully wipe out humanity. Don't be discouraged by multiple failures in a row; it's a rite of passage for newcomers. Once you witness the last person succumb to your disease, you'll eagerly itch to start the cycle all over again.
In Plague Inc., you choose the type of disease to unleash upon the world and spend the game researching new traits for your disease. These traits can include new transmission methods, symptoms, or abilities, but be cautious when upgrading your disease. Once humanity becomes aware of your existence, the clock starts ticking as they race to develop a cure. Embrace the challenge and satisfy your urge for global destruction in Plague Inc., the ultimate browser game.


"Element: A Quick and Competitive RTS Game with Flawless Execution on Android"
Element is a meticulously designed RTS game that offers quick and accessible gameplay from the moment you pick it up. While it follows the classic formula of gathering resources, building troops, and defeating opponents, what sets Element apart is its ability to deliver a satisfying match in mere minutes. Unlike many other games that claim the same benefit, Element flawlessly executes its promise.
However, don't be deceived by its simplicity. Element is not an easy game. With only four types of buildings/units to work with, mastering their proper utilization requires extensive practice. While there is a brief period of peaceful setup, the turning point of a game often arrives in less than a minute. Just as competitive as Age of Empires or Northgard, Element provides a bite-sized package for intense RTS battles. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Element on your Android device today.


"Rymdkapsel: A Unique Blend of Base Building, Puzzle, and Tower Defense in a Minimalistic RTS"
Rymdkapsel is a game that defies definition, combining elements of base building, puzzle solving, and tower defense into a seamless experience. It proves that fancy graphics and complex features are not necessary for a fantastic RTS game.
In Rymdkapsel, players embark on a mission to build their base, research monoliths, and defend against relentless waves of murderous triangles. While the focus lies on creating a personalized base, the key to success lies in careful resource management and strategic corridor planning. This game is perfect for those who seek perfection and enjoy being rewarded for it. The distilled essence of RTS mechanics creates a meditative experience, albeit one that can be disrupted when the murderous triangles wreak havoc upon your plans. Immerse yourself in the unique world of Rymdkapsel, where simplicity meets complexity in an extraordinary gaming experience.

11League of Legends: Wild Rift

"League of Legends: Wild Rift - The Ultimate Mobile MOBA Experience"
League of Legends: Wild Rift breaks the traditional boundaries of MOBAs by delivering a complete and immersive experience on your mobile device. This trimmed-down version of the popular PC game offers 5v5 gameplay without any pay-to-win mechanics. As a derivative of RTS gameplay, it unfolds in real-time, bringing the excitement of MOBAs to the palm of your hand.
Wild Rift is designed as a live service game, ensuring continuous updates and new content for players. If you're seeking an ever-evolving experience, this is the perfect choice. However, if you prefer offline gaming, this may not be the right fit for you. Explore the world of League of Legends: Wild Rift and experience the thrill of competitive MOBA gameplay wherever you are.

12Iron Marines: Invasion

"Iron Marines: Invasion - The Ultimate Offline Pocket RTS Game on Mobile"
Iron Marines: Invasion, a spin-off of the popular Kingdom Rush franchise, takes the fantastic pocket RTS experience of the original game and elevates it to new heights. This sequel offers an entirely offline gameplay experience, focusing on extensive customization, a plethora of missions, and challenging game modes that will keep you coming back for more.
Compared to other RTS games, Iron Marines: Invasion caters more towards casual gamers, as even the highest difficulty level remains achievable. However, don't be mistaken, as it stands as one of the best exclusive mobile RTS games available. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Iron Marines: Invasion and embark on an epic strategy adventure wherever you are. Give it a try and experience the ultimate pocket RTS experience today.

13Company of Heroes

"Company of Heroes: A Fast-Paced WW2 RTS Game Adapted for Mobile"
Company of Heroes, originally designed for PC and now available on mobile, is a thrilling and fast-paced World War II RTS game. The mobile version has undergone significant changes to its UI, including the introduction of the Command Wheel feature, making troop management effortless for players.
The RTS formula of Company of Heroes has made it an instant classic for a reason. The gameplay strikes a balance between being fast-paced and easily accessible, allowing players to learn quickly while offering a wide range of strategies to employ in battles. If you prefer gameplay over story-driven campaigns, the Skirmish mode provides an opportunity to test your skills against AI opponents. Immerse yourself in the intense world of Company of Heroes and conquer the battlefield in this epic WW2 RTS game on mobile.

14Rebel Inc.

"Rebel Inc.: A Gripping and Thought-Provoking RTS Game from the Makers of Plague Inc."
Rebel Inc., developed by the creators of Plague Inc., brings the same level of greatness to a completely different setting. In this game, you'll step into the shoes of a leader tasked with stabilizing regions plagued by violent insurgencies. Deploy a range of initiatives to win the hearts and minds of the people and bring peace to the troubled lands.
One of the standout features of Rebel Inc. is its ability to handle a deeply sensitive subject matter while providing players with a richly detailed RTS gameplay experience that pushes strategic thinking to its limits. It's a must-play for those who enjoyed Plague Inc. but prefer protecting people instead of destroying them. Immerse yourself in the gripping world of Rebel Inc. and test your leadership skills in this captivating RTS game.

15Art of War 3

"Art of War 3: A Mobile-Optimized RTS Game with Command & Conquer Vibes"
Art of War 3 is a mobile-optimized RTS game designed to seamlessly control units and buildings through touchscreen interfaces, ensuring smooth gameplay without losing control. Drawing inspiration from games like Command & Conquer, Art of War 3 offers large-scale battles and a wide variety of units to choose from.
The game features competitive, cooperative, and offline modes. In the offline mode, players take control of one of the two in-game factions, but it's worth noting that the lengthy campaign may become repetitive over time. We recommend playing the offline mode in between engaging online battles to maintain a fresh and exciting experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Art of War 3 and unleash your strategic prowess in this thrilling RTS game optimized for mobile devices.

"Immerse Yourself in the Best Android Strategy Games for a Relaxing and Strategic Experience"

If you're looking to challenge yourself with an RTS game that offers a more relaxed and strategic experience, explore the best strategy games available on Android. While RTS games are inherently competitive, many titles allow players to experiment and play at their own pace, without the pressure of real-time requirements.

Indulge in the immersive gameplay of these top Android strategy games, where you can take your time to strategize and make calculated moves. Whether you prefer turn-based or slower-paced gameplay, these games offer a chill experience while still offering depth and strategic challenges. Discover the joy of strategic thinking and relaxation combined in the best Android strategy games.

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