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ROME: Total War

ROME: Total War

by Feral Interactive
3.6/5 (73 Reviews) December 08, 2022
ROME: Total War ROME: Total War ROME: Total War ROME: Total War ROME: Total War ROME: Total War

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December 08, 2022
Feral Interactive
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ROME: Total War
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Experience the full glory of ROME: Total War on Android.
Welcome to the best strategy game of all time. ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion APK is a strategy game for smartphone devices. This is the first expansion of ROME: Total War. This game was developed by The Creative Assembly and first released in 2005 (by Sega).

ROME Total War BI map 1024x576
If ROME: Total War revolves around the rise of the Roman Empire, then ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion focuses on the decline of this empire. We ignore history lessons because the focus of the game is to control the powerful armies right on your smartphone. Conquering is easy. But maintaining order afterward will give you a real headache. You can ask the Roman Emperor Constantine. Or better yet, try to put yourself in the throne of this emperor.

The standout features of the Total War series of games on PC, from empire management to turn-based real-time combat on an incredibly detailed battlefield, are perfectly maintained in the mobile version. this. Will you rule a faction in the Roman empire or one of the tribes of barbarians?

Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Huns, for example, excel with cavalry, while the Saxons have mighty infantry. Recruit armies, scout enemy positions and diplomatic efforts to achieve treaties or resources.

ROME Total War BI gameplay 1024x576
Certainly, diplomatic efforts will one day fail. The new battlefield is where this game really shines. Arrange the troops and order them while the battle is in front of you. As a general, you will evaluate the course of the battle and urgently order your loyal soldiers. Thanks to the rendering system, you will have a top-down view to see the overall situation or zoom close enough to see a soldier carrying a spear.

Tactics of ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion is better than the original version. You can take advantage of some advantages such as light cavalry capable of swimming across the river, or some ethnic groups that have an advantage when fighting at night.

During this period, three major religions – Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Paganism – were always at war, clashing with each other for dominance. The spirit and religion of the people play an important role in this section. You can occupy or lose a city just because the people rebelled. Building social welfare works or reducing taxes helps you stabilize the city. They feel happy when you build churches that fit their religion.

ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion is set 350 years after the events of the original game. At this time, Rome was a prosperous empire with a border stretching from Rome to Constantinople. The countries that appeared in the previous version such as Carthage, Gaul, Iberia, Egypt, Greece, Macedonia, Pontus, England and Numidia have all been incorporated into the Roman Empire. Some factions you can use in this section:

Hunnic faction

Huns: They have outstanding strength thanks to large cavalry units with high stamina. They have the best horse in the game. Their horse archers were also very skilled, but the selection of infantry was limited.
ROME Total War BI units 1024x576
Nomadic faction

Goths: Ethnic origin in present Romania, then they must migrate to neighbouring lands. Cavalry is the outstanding unit of these people. Besides, infantry also has quite good power.
Vandals: Ethnic group settled in the former Northwestern region of Rome. Their main army is the cavalry and the supporting infantry. These people accepts Christianity and is capable of training priests.
Sarmatians: Tribes living in the northwest region of the Black Sea. High-quality cavalry and female warriors are the hallmarks.
Ostrogoths: Military characteristics are similar to Goths.
Roxolani: Like the Sarmatians.
Slavs: Like the Vandals.

Saxons: There are strong infantry, no religion. Thus, players can easily stabilize internally.
Franks: There were many axes-thrower and enduring infantry. They worship Thor and Odin.
Alemanni: Union of Germanic tribes. They have strong, ferocious and frantic infantry.
Celts: Includes relatively outdated units such as chariot or infantry with two large swords.
Burgundy: Infantry consists of crazy, powerful warriors. They have the same unit as Alemanni.
Lombardi: Strong infantry. Units can form groups, but not the same as Alemanni.
Roman faction

Western Roman Empire.
Eastern Roman Empire.
Western Roman rebels.
East Roman rebels.
Carthaginian faction

Berbers: The only faction is Christian. The main unit is a light armoured unit, which moves quickly. Match the war on the desert.

Sassanids: Use war elephants.
Overall, this is an indispensable game for those who love strategy games and want to experience the great battles in history. Whether you are a master of strategy or simply dreaming of control great armies on a comfortable sofa at home, ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion still brings a lot of fun. Watch out your left-wing!

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