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Our game is based on the classical sliding 15 puzzle, with cool motion, more boards, custom difficulty, and an appealing visual package with pleasant music.
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Zeus Software & Games
Apr 7, 2022
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Slide disordered numbered tiles until they are sequentially ordered on a board

Our game is based on the classical sliding 15 puzzle, with cool motion, more boards, custom difficulty, and an appealing visual package with pleasant music.
There are 4 options that players can select to play: 3×3 board with 8 tiles; 4×4 board with 15 tiles; 5×5 board with 24 tiles; 6×6 board with 35 tiles.
All tiles are numbered, and the player needs to press on a tile near the empty space to push it and rearrange the board into a sequence of numbers, starting from the top-left corner, and ending in the bottom-right corner. Empty space must be at the right bottom corner, for the player to win.
Recently we enhanced and improved the visual experience of the game, with a new beautiful interface, and a huge amount of board customizations: 4 new tile shapes, 16 new materials, 9 text colors, 5 fonts, 8 options for surface textures. Also, we added many more tile sliding animations, sounds, and winning animations.
The player can move multiple tiles at once by touching tiles on the same column or row with the empty space. There are five dynamic backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of the game and convey a relaxing feeling to the player, with natural landscapes.
The player can use a difficulty slider to adjust the complexity of the puzzle from easy to normal, and even hard. Difficulty slider provides a highly customizable and individual challenge for each player. The player can start with easy difficulty and progress at their own pace to harder difficulties. The differences between the difficulties are defined by a randomized shuffling algorithm, based on a statistical mathematical heuristic definition of puzzle difficulty. As a general rule, the bigger the board, the more complex it is to solve.
While playing, the game shows exactly how many tiles at the top of the screen.
The game comes with 6 music tracks, playing in the background but can be stopped, skipped, and volume can be adjusted.
Sound effects can be adjusted or muted.
The game allows for the user to set reminders for each day when to play. Each day reminder can be adjusted by the player in the “Settings” screen, a day can be turned off by pressing on the day, and even reminders can be completely turned off by a single press on the “Reminders” button.
Our game is supported by ads that are shown occasionally before a game, but users also can purchase once the option to cancel the ads forever. We encourage the user who doesn’t like ads, to use this option.
We value user experience very highly and seek to improve our products in the future. We are happy to receive any feedback and help requests regarding our products at email: We aspire to answer within 24 hours.


What's new

1. New input system with improved performances.
2. Improved visual effects.
3. Upgraded to Unity 2020.3.32f1.
4. Improved background control and performance.
5. Improved save of progress.


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