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Vulcan's Tower Defense

Vulcan's Tower Defense

1.8 by Vulcan Forged
4.42/5 (74 Reviews) November 25, 2023
Vulcan's Tower Defense Vulcan's Tower Defense Vulcan's Tower Defense Vulcan's Tower Defense Vulcan's Tower Defense Vulcan's Tower Defense

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November 25, 2023
Vulcan Forged
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More About Vulcan's Tower Defense

Defeat the advancing hordes in this real-time strategic blockchain game, earning XP as you progress!
The enemies of Vulcan march on, raiding, pillaging, destroying VulcanVerse and subjugating its people - but you have the power to stop these vast bestial armies. Set during the Barbaroi Invasions when enemies came from all corners intent on taking a share of VulcanVerse's riches, Vulcan's Tower Defense sees the player take the role of a strategos, a military general attempting to stop the incoming enemies and defend VulcanVerse through obstruction and destruction of the evil hordes! How long can you last out - how much XP will you score?
• As a real-time strategy game, you are faced with defending frontiers and places that are integral to the quadrants surrounding central Vulcan City.
• While preparing to face the waves of enemies, you can build up your defenses by constructing defensive fortifications, such as trebuchets, archer towers and camps to ensure you are ready to defend the land during the incoming war.
• Throughout each round, your fortifications and defense can be upgraded by spending gold to become even deadlier or torn down to be strategically relocated elsewhere.
• In addition, your Vulcanite is also aided by special powers that can bring about a flurry of arrows or summon trained warriors to block your enemies path.
Become the victor and save the land by successfully protecting the frontier from the worst of foes with your defenses - you win when attack waves have ended. However, be careful not to let too many enemies pass, as this will decrease your health and ultimately end your defense, forever disgraced as a strategos.
Develop & Hone Your Skills
With waves of enemies attacking at regular intervals, Vulcan’s Tower Defense pushes you to develop new and changing tactics to outwit your enemies – in real-time! This includes key responsibilities such as repositioning your main Vulcanite, using your special abilities, and laying out your defenses with all the strategic guile of one of Vulcan’s strategos, his prized military generals.
Unlock and Travel to New Frontiers
Starting in the Gardens of Arcadia in the sprawling realm of VulcanVerse, each area you successfully defend opens up a new frontier for you to explore and engage with the incoming enemy. As you progress, you’ll be taken to the other quadrants, the scorching Desert of Notus, the icy Mountains of Boreas and even the grim Underworld of Hades. You have the option to travel back and retry certain battles all over again, achieving new high scores!
Explore the Stunning Features of Vulcan’s Tower Defense:
• A HOST OF VULCANITE CHARACTERS. The game features dozens of Vulcanite characters, available to equip for battle and apply upgrades to improve their stats.
• VARYING LEVELS & DIFFICULTIES. Protect the VulcanVerse frontiers from the invading barbaroi across various terrains and battlefields – each providing access to three levels of difficulty for you to challenge yourself.
• CLASSIC TOWER DEFENSE STRATEGY. Craft winning tactics to defend against waves of evil spawn - eliminate them before they make it across the battlefield. Mow them down using infantry units, strike them with arrows and artillery and position your forces carefully for maximum damage.
• BUILD. UPGRADE. REBUILD. Use the gold you earn for winning battles to build defensive machinations. Upgrade them further to thwart your foes. Rebuild as the game progresses by tearing them down and strategically constructing them again at a different spot on the field.
• EARN XP. Discover the world of Vulcan Forged through Vulcan’s Tower Defense as you are rewarded for each level you defend with XP - a vital mechanic in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.
• MORE!: Send your infantry to battle with epic fury, blitzing waves of invading beasts the quadrants. Defend the realm of VulcanVerse and all of its frontiers by becoming a strategos, top the leaderboard, and prove your prowess to Vulcan by downloading today!

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