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Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1

Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1

1.0.18 by Do Games Limited
3.9/5 (42 Reviews) December 02, 2023
Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1 Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1 Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1 Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1 Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1 Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1 Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1 Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1

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December 02, 2023
Do Games Limited
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More About Unsolved Case 2: Episode 1

Burdened with guilt over the outcome of the Scarlet Hyacinth case, Andrew Palmer quits his job at the Bureau of Investigation. But that doesn't mean he's ready to give up. Are you? A fascinating investigation "Going Undercover" in the series of detective games "Unsolved Case Season 2" offers you to solve another mysterious case, where you can test what deduction is capable of. Question suspects, search crime scenes, find hidden objects and solve the puzzle! You will need to make hard choices to close this unsolved case and see how the episode ends, can you handle it?
This time, you are dragged into a very serious case by your former boss Andrew Palmer, who was forced to become a private detective. Turns out, the mayor of the city died very recently, and the official story stated that it was an accident. But the truth is far more devious: a powerful criminal organization was behind the murder. You have the authority to infiltrate the gangsters’ circle of trust and install a wiretap to find more evidence for a solid case. But can you take on such a powerful foe? Or perhaps Andrew’s madness in trying to defy the clan's power will lead you into a death trap? You will have to find out!

♟️ Think twice!
You have the opportunity to choose the character's phrases for a particular action and influence the plot of the detective adventure. Don’t forget that only your choice defines the course of this complex crime investigation and could affect the characters' lives!

♟️ Earn achievements!
Conduct your own detective investigation solving intricate tricky puzzles, searching mystery case files and various secrets. You need to reach the truth by interviewing suspects and exploring the crime scene. If you’ll do it like a real investigator you will earn numerous achievements to highlight your success!

♟️ Get ready for more!
Collect all the unsolved case files, seek and find hidden objects, catch the kidnapper and successfully close the case to gain access to the bonus location! Immerse yourself in the mystery atmosphere of these unsolved cases!

♟️ Collect items!
A new episode of the point and click adventure is full of mysterious objects and items that the player needs to find in order to advance in the crime investigation! Multiple picturesque locations with tricky puzzles for you to solve and secrets to find.

This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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Seek for collectibles and unsolved case files in this great detective investigation! Question suspects, find hidden objects and solve the tricky puzzles!

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