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Tangibl: Conversation practice

Tangibl: Conversation practice

4.1.4 by YNWA Technologies Private Limited
4.61/5 (93 Reviews) November 24, 2023
Tangibl: Conversation practice Tangibl: Conversation practice Tangibl: Conversation practice Tangibl: Conversation practice Tangibl: Conversation practice Tangibl: Conversation practice

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November 24, 2023
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📢 Attention Rising Stars! ⭐️
Are you a non-native English speaker struggling with the confidence to communicate fluently? 😞
Are you tired of attending conventional courses and workshops that just don't seem to be enough?

🗣️ Do you feel like you lack the confidence to speak up in group discussions or debates? Is clearing interviews hard for you?

Look no further, Tangibl is the practice app that will help you improve your communication skills in a fun and interactive way! 🎉.

Tangibl is your one-stop solution to hone your communication skills. Think of it as a gym 🏋️‍♀️ that provides the right environment for you to flex your communication muscles.

Our app empowers you to become a confident English speaker, prepare for job interviews and enhance your professional communication skills. 💪

Some Key features that we provide

1. Solos to build up your English speaking; AI Analytics on your speaking speed, filler words and much more!
2. Daily new topics for practising public speaking
3. Group Discussions to help you ace job interviews
4. Debates to help you sharpen your overall conversation skills
5. Roleplays to help you practice real-world workplace scenarios.
6. Feedback from other learners, Coaches and AI
7. Stats module that helps you track your progress daily and helps you improve with each session.

Our Solo Feature helps you practice your public speaking. And once you've completed a solo practice, you'll receive amazing AI analytics like your speaking pace, filler words, and silence time.
This information is crucial to improving your communication skills and gaining confidence in your speaking abilities. 📈

But we understand that machines can only do so much. That's why Tangibl emphasizes the importance of feedback from real people. After publishing your solo, people from all over the world can listen and give you feedback, helping you improve your skills over time. 🌎

Tangibl's conversations feature allows you to engage in group discussions, debates and roleplays on various topics with other learners. Get feedback from your peers and experts in a judgement-free environment and watch your skills improve over time. 💪

Knowing English is not enough to become an effective communicator. It takes more than just language proficiency; it takes listening skills, the ability to ask thoughtful questions, and empathy, among other soft skills. Unfortunately, most courses and workshops simply tell you to practice, but there are no good apps to help you hone your communication skills. That's where Tangibl comes in. 🤝

But we know that practice doesn't always happen on a set schedule. That's why Tangibl allows you to do live sessions or participate in scheduled sessions on your own time.

Just like how you go to the gym to exercise and strengthen your body, Tangibl is your go-to app for exercising and strengthening your communication skills. Our app provides a safe and supportive environment where you can practice and improve your speaking, listening, and other soft skills, just like how you would work out different muscles at the gym. With Tangibl, you can level up your communication game and achieve your career goals. 💪🎤

Effective communication is a crucial component of career success. Did you know that poor communication skills can cost you promotions, job opportunities and even career growth? 🚫 Don't let inadequate communication hold you back! 🔑

A study by LinkedIn found that communication skills were the top skill gap among employees, with 80% of managers believing their employees needed to improve their communication skills. Poor communication skills can hold you back from getting jobs, or promotions, and even damage your career prospects. Don't let that happen to you! 🌟

So what are you waiting for? Download Tangibl today and take the first step towards becoming a confident communicator in the professional world! 💪

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