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Super Musk World: Jungle Run

Super Musk World: Jungle Run

2.0.6 by XGame Global
3.99/5 (37 Reviews) November 26, 2023
Super Musk World: Jungle Run Super Musk World: Jungle Run Super Musk World: Jungle Run Super Musk World: Jungle Run Super Musk World: Jungle Run Super Musk World: Jungle Run

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November 26, 2023
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More About Super Musk World: Jungle Run

🕹 SuperMusk Adventure is a classic platformer that combines gameplay with modern playability. This platform game is suitable for all ages. It will take you into an incredible world and play as a Character.
🕹 The old school game with an impressive graphical interface is probably familiar to your childhood. This classic adventure jungle game will surprise you with the most thrilling and fascinating challenges. Classic Adventure belongs to the classic game category with gameplay similar to the platformer and running game.
🕹 Character is a superhero who loves adventurous world and likes to explore new land. He has travelled through many topographies, for instance, forests, hills, deserts, oceans, underground, mystery jungle, sky garden, snowy village as well as ancient ruin, and fought with many ugly monsters to protect villages in the incredible world.
🕹 In this platformer game, your mission is to transform into a superhero Character and attack enemies as mobile poisonous mushrooms, cannibal flowers, green turtle, ghostbuster, jackal, leprechaun and angry monkey. Try your best to overcome obstacles and ugly monsters to bring peace to the villages and come back home safely. Each time you complete mission, you will receive crystal and marigold as a reward for your courage. Home sweet home is waiting for Character’s back!
With the simple gameplay, you can control Character with only 5 buttons: jump, eddy jump, shoot, run button and navigation button.
Classic Adventure has many intriguing maps such as forests, hills, deserts, oceans, underground, mystery jungle, snowy village.
Marigold is enveloped by stone, grass and land, so look for gold carefully.
Destroy monster by throwing wrench to knock it down or jumping on the ugly monster’s head. However, please note that you cannot throw a wrench and cling to the wall at the same time.
When facing a green turtle monster, the simple way to crest it is holding the shell and tap again to kick it.
This world adventure game has a time limit, pay attention to complete mission and reach the goal before the time runs out or you will lose.
In this classic adventure jungle game, you can add useful items in your bag, for example, invincible star, toolbox, extra life, shamrock and checkpoint. Once you are in the adventurous world, tap the bag to use these items. The items are limited so use them wisely.
Shop also has some special packs like beginner, immediate, advance, as well as costume packs.
If you crest a mission of daily task, you will earn gold. Furthermore, once you reach all goals in daily task, you will receive crystal.
Don’t forget to come back to Classic Adventure every day to get the daily reward.
When encountering a landslide, quickly tap the jump button to jump to another step. If you want to go up without any steps to jump, you can cling to the sycamore.
The impressive graphical interface brings an excellent user experience.
Music and sound are catchy, lively and fun.
Suitable for all age
With simple and fascinating gameplay, Classic Adventure is suitable for all ages as well as gamegirl or gameboy. You could play this old school platformer game with your friends and relatives.
Special packs and items to shop
Add invincible star, toolbox, extra life, shamrock and checkpoint to your bag at any time. Special packs like beginner, immediate, advance and costume pack, are fitted to your needs.

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