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RV Park Life

RV Park Life

1.0.58 by Wangfei
3.23/5 (27 Reviews) December 02, 2023
RV Park Life RV Park Life RV Park Life RV Park Life RV Park Life RV Park Life RV Park Life RV Park Life

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December 02, 2023
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RV Park Life
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More About RV Park Life

RV Park Life is a management game where players can expand the size of their camp by building recreational areas, improving facilities, managing staff, and setting up monetization mechanisms for each area. We hope that players can immerse themselves in nature like a real camper in this game, and at the same time gain a sense of growth and achievement, let them become the managers of the campsite, and let every camper have a pleasant Accommodation experience.
How to play:

Build camps and improve facilities
Use every piece of your land wisely to meet your camper's needs. You can divide your campsite into recreational areas, living areas and staff areas. Build water parks, RVs, tent areas, open-air cinemas and other recreational areas, and add picnic stalls, fishing platforms, trampolines, etc. to diversify the camp. In the living area, some facilities are necessary, such as toilets, bathrooms and laundry, water and electricity piles. For better service, don't treat your employees badly, you must create spaces for employees to rest. Also, you can increase your income by developing side businesses such as camp rentals, picnic shops, souvenir shops.

Hire service or management personnel
Whether it's a recreation area, living area or staff area, cashiers, security guards and cleaners are needed to keep the camp in good shape. The cashier is there to facilitate bookings and operations as well as finances. Janitors clean the campsite and fire ring after guests check out, while security patrols and monitors activity day and night to keep guests safe. You can also decide whether to hire a campground manager, senior executive or senior general manager based on your budget and marketing strategy.

Maximize your income
Set up fees for your campground business. From the entrance parking lot to the souvenir shop outside the park, you can collect fees at various places in the camp, such as parking fees, camping equipment rental, laundry fees, boat rental, picnic stalls, souvenirs and other sideline earning shops, etc.

Collect postcards
There are many more campsites waiting for you to explore!

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