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PVZ - Mods for Minecraft

PVZ - Mods for Minecraft

1.11 by Minemindset
3/5 (47 Reviews) November 26, 2023
PVZ - Mods for Minecraft PVZ - Mods for Minecraft PVZ - Mods for Minecraft PVZ - Mods for Minecraft PVZ - Mods for Minecraft PVZ - Mods for Minecraft

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November 26, 2023
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More About PVZ - Mods for Minecraft

Are you one of those fans of the game Plants vs Zombies HD and Zombies VS Plant 2? Well you're in luck because we will give you Plants vs Zombies HD experience in MCPE. This Plats vs Zombies addon will give you nostalgia.
This Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare addon is fun to play, it is also survival friendly, there's a lot of zombie & farm and plants to choose from!

How to obtain coins, gems and plant food?
A: These items are randomly dropped by zombies 2 & bosses.

How to use the zombie & farm seed packets?
A: Long press on them, remember that it does have cooldown, you cannot use it while it is in cooldown.

How to use and obtain custom PVZ HD discs?
A: PVZ HD discs can be obtained from rare zombie run loot drops

To use it you need the block called 'Music Box', it works like a jukebox but for PVZ HD discs only, it can be obtained by crafting it.

Others about Plants vs. Zombies hd mod:
- Some plant like citron or cannons may take longer to shoot, this is because they have cooldown.
- Do not block the view of your zombie & farm plant because the projectiles can hurt you unintentionally.
- Some zombies 2 have the ability to mine or climb your house, becareful.
- Do not go near cannon plant because the explosions may hurt you badly.
- Use plant food wisely.

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