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3.14/5 (103 Reviews) November 25, 2023
Pocket Voice Coach Pocket Voice Coach Pocket Voice Coach Pocket Voice Coach Pocket Voice Coach

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November 25, 2023
Slow Down - Speak Clearly
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Speak with Confidence, Be Understood. Test your speaking rate and pronunciation.
The Pocket Voice Coach was created to help you overcome the two most common speaking issues that hold you back from advancing in your career and in life — talking too fast and mumbling your message. Have fun testing your speed and pronunciation.
The Pocket Voice Coach is an easy way to measure the clarity of your pronunciation while speaking at the conversational rate of 150 words per minute. Use one of the three pre-made scripts or use your own script for a real-world practice experience. The Pocket Voice Coach has an automatic 60-second timer and will record your voice then convert it to text. This is a great way to check the timing and clarity of your own script before presenting it live.

After 60-seconds, the program will display both the number of words spoken and the spoken text. As you read the text you can determine if there are any words that you are not speaking clearly. Any mispronounced words will appear differently from the original script. Tests can then be deleted, or you can save them for later reference.
Your speaking rate and clarity work together to make you sound more confident, assertive, credible, engaging and powerful. Never be asked to repeat yourself again. Your voice now becomes an instrument that you can use to persuade, influence and lead in your career and in life.
Why do you need to slow down and speak clearly? Think of a speeding train passing in front of you. Can you remember the name on the side of the train or the train color? If you are speaking faster than 160 words a minute your listener may hear you, but they won't remember your message much less be persuaded to buy your product, ideas or services.
Words have power and impact if they are well said, and when you slow down you have time to say your words without clipping them or running them together. The results: you keep people’s attention and are easily understood by clients and friends alike.
Business Executives – Speak with power and confidence.
Entrepreneurs – Sell your ideas more persuasively.
Salespeople – Perfect your voice, perfect your sales pitch.
Telemarketers – Practice your one-minute opening and keep your listener’s attention.
Non-Native English Speakers – Improve your English-speaking clarity.
Video Conferencing – Be heard easily and clearly without being interrupted.
Power up your voice for business & everyday moments and be an outstanding communicator who is powerful, positive and persuasive.  
Sandra McKnight, owner of Voice Power Studios, has been internationally renowned for more than 30 years for private coaching, workshops and training in the fields of voice and speech, accent reduction, acting & improvisation skills for public speaking. Her clients include CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and sales professionals for companies such as Northrop Grumman, Nestlé, Intel, Microsoft, DDI World, Inc. IBM and Ernst & Young (Hong Kong).

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