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My Sweet Artificial Lover

My Sweet Artificial Lover

3.1.11 by Genius Studio Japan Inc.
(0 Reviews) March 02, 2024
My Sweet Artificial Lover My Sweet Artificial Lover My Sweet Artificial Lover My Sweet Artificial Lover My Sweet Artificial Lover My Sweet Artificial Lover My Sweet Artificial Lover My Sweet Artificial Lover

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March 02, 2024
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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More About My Sweet Artificial Lover

You live in a world where androids are a little more than mindless drones that hand out papers in class, clean up at restaurants, and perform menial tasks around the house. However, there’s a company trying their hand at sentient androids, and what a coincidence that two beautiful girls have just transferred into your class.

Integrating with humanity is no easy feat, and you soon find yourself having to explain the most basic things to your new classmates. The more you spend time with them, the more they begin to fall for you… but how do you go about teaching androids about love and intimacy?!


Shiori — A Shy and Curious Android

Shiori is the oldest of the android sisters and the clumsier one when it comes to social situations. She’s a sweet and honest girl, but there are times where she feels down and questions what her purpose in life is. It doesn’t take her long to trust you, and very soon into your friendship, she begins to grow curious about intimacy. Who could say no to such a pretty face? Will you guide her through the ways of human relationships?

Riho — The Flirty Android

Unlike her sister, Riho is a happy and extroverted android who loves to meet new people and hits it off immediately with you. Riho is the jealous type and wants to be the only girl in your eyes, even if that means pushing her own sister to the side. She has a pretty smile and even nicer body, but is that all it takes for her to win a place in your heart?

Mirai — Your Dutiful Tutor

Mirai is your tutor and upperclassman, but you soon learn that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Suddenly her two ‘cousins’ transfer to your school, and you realize that she’s even more of a genius than you thought! Not only does she have brains and a fine figure to boot— she’s more than ready to take your relationship to the next level. Is Mirai only your guiding star, or will her wisdom and charms earn herself a place in your heart?

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