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Logicross: Crossword Puzzle

Logicross: Crossword Puzzle

1.4.10 by Unico Studio
2.87/5 (48 Reviews) December 01, 2023
Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Logicross: Crossword Puzzle

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December 01, 2023
Unico Studio
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More About Logicross: Crossword Puzzle

Welcome to Logicross, the free and enhanced version of the Letter Puzzle Game!
⭐ Play Logicross: Crossword Puzzle - Where Words and Logic Collide! ⭐
⭐Classic Word Puzzles, Revamped⭐
Your search for a highly competitive and complicated word puzzle game is over, as here comes Letter Puzzle Game which combines the genres of word, puzzle, brain teaser, and logic into a single game.

⭐ Crypto Letters…⭐
Letter Puzzle Game is a word game all about clever and intelligent moves. Players try to find a hidden sentence by uncovering each cryptic letter on the board. Like a cross logic and word puzzle game, the hidden words have hints and definitions. All in all, Figgerits takes a new step with colorful graphics and lively animations.
⭐ Brain Puzzle…⭐

Solving brain puzzles becomes a joy with our state-of-art letter typing technology that allows players to analyze and review the mystery of words and crosswords. Each letter is connected to the decrypted message, and you take the role of a high-IQ decipherer.

⭐ Different Themes⭐
Letter Puzzle Game presents many challenging, logical, and tricky word puzzle levels that will test your IQ and mind. There is also a wide variety of level themes with proverbs, hidden messages, movie quotes, and historical facts. You will be amazed by our library of amazing facts about our world. These cryptograms will enhance your cultural knowledge and analytic thinking at the same time!

⭐ Gold Rush…⭐
Challenge your friends and other players with the Gold Rush mode that brings a weekly challenge to the game. Find the golden letter tiles and earn points. You must carefully collect the gold tiles as they are broken with a single mistake. Finish each week on top to get amazing rewards.

If you are bored of elementary word games that offer nothing to adult and intelligent players, Letter Puzzle Game will satisfy your logical crossword puzzle needs for a long time. Crostic and Figgerits take a new shape and become the ultimate word brain teaser on the market.

⭐ Increase Your Knowledge⭐
Completing levels reveals a cryptic word with deep mysteries and amazing facts. Learning about scientific facts and ancient proverbs has always been smoother! Crostic experts with great word and brain teaser skills develop following their logic and intelligence.

⭐ Complete Your Album
Enhanced progression with the album system encourages players to solve the mysteries and uncover cryptic clues. Complete designated number of levels to unlock new pages for your album which presents beautiful photos and amazing landscapes.

⭐ Tricky Questions !⭐
* Is there a logic word game?
* How does decryption work?
* Is there a cross word puzzle with brain teaser mechanics?
* What are some historical facts that sound cool?
* What is Figgerits?
* What is Crostic?
you should try Letter Puzzle Game: Logicross

⭐ How to Play? ⭐
* Look at the definitions and guess each word.
* Tap on an empty letter box to write a letter and continue from there.
* Find critical letters that connect different words.
* Review each word for easy solutions.
* Complete the target sentence.

⭐ Game Features: ⭐
* Endless gameplay with more than 1000 levels.
* Different level categories with exciting subjects.
* Smooth decryption mechanics that allow easy gameplay.
* Colorful graphics and quality animations.
* Sticker collection album for completionists.
* Detailed statistics that track your gameplay style.
* Daily challenges.
* Weekly challenges.
* Category rankings.
* Can be played with one hand.

Download and play Letter Puzzle Game today and start training your logic, enhance your brain, boost your memory and get out of boredom! We are so confident in our word puzzle levels that if you don't find them challenging enough, come and write here! We will offer you the most addicting and stimulating word logic game experience ever!

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