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King of Business

King of Business

1.0.52 by Aunt Ant
3.88/5 (41 Reviews) November 29, 2023
King of Business King of Business King of Business King of Business King of Business King of Business King of Business King of Business

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November 29, 2023
Aunt Ant
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King of Business
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Begin your journey as an aspiring Tycoon with this captivating entrepreneur game.
Invest wisely in the stock trading simulator and strategically navigate real estate auctions to create a business empire.
Join alliances with your friends, collaborate for success, and secure amazing bonuses.
Overcome other tycoons in thrilling events and win huge rewards.
Invest in sports and lead your football or basketball team to victory, win tournaments and become the most successful tycoon in history!

Grasp the opportunity and follow a strategic approach to make money in the stock market.
Outclass the competition in the real estate auctions and estabilish a monopoly.
Build your own city starting from the bottom and boost your power every day with this company game.
Develop your business and management skills to the max by competing head-to-head with other players.
Start from zero and become a Tycoon with this free business game multiplayer.


- Build and upgrade your city, collect rent and sales revenue
- Progress through the business game: unlock better factories and commercial buildings
- Invest in trading and manage a portfolio of stocks from all over the world
- Participate in real estate auctions: sell, buy and expand your business empire faster than others
- Own Soccer or Basketball Teams and win exciting tournaments
- Play in alliance with other tycoons and get amazing bonuses and rewards
- Create successful products and become the market leader
- Develop innovation in the research center: get immediate benefits, prizes and patents.
- Play with your friends: manage special factories and climb the game's event leaderboard
- Enjoy the captivating graphics, intuitive gameplay, and the assistance of a personal guide during the initial stages of the business game.


At the beginning of the game set up a coffee shop, buy a clothing factory and start investing.
As you progress, set up various businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, factories, hotels, malls, skyscrapers, and much more, making strategic choices to gain an advantage over competitors.
Develop your city with progressively significant buildings and craft epic constructions such as the stadium and the airport.
Behave like a true Trader: stay informed on stock market news, choose the stocks and decide the optimal timing for buying and selling.
Collect dividends and increase your wealth day by day. Fun is guaranteed!
Dominate the real estate market, choose the best offers and earn points for the event.
Create your sport teams and play amazing tournaments against other tycoons, become the most successful in history!
Expand your business through research and development: you can develope Marketing, Quality, Production and Services.
Constantly get gold from the mine and buy upgrades to grow your inventory and beat the competition. You can decide between speed up, revenue increase, cost reduction, additional transactions and researches and much more.
Participate in thrilling events, excel, and claim rewards that can make a significant difference in your path to success.


Join your alliance in the weekly Expedition event, strategize negotiations, and earn colossal amounts of money.

The Expedition is the weekly event wich allows you to put into action the best negotiation strategies.
1) The final jackpot is calculated every week
2) In the Boost phase players donate time and resources to define the goals of the alliance
3) In the Final phase participate in expeditions with your allies to negotiate with the most powerful targets and earn points
4) The best ranked alliances receive money to invest immediately

Download King of Business for free now and experience the thrill of playing like a real tycoon in this engaging and immersive business game.

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