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Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion

Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion

1.2.0 by TXY-Game
2.55/5 (104 Reviews) November 27, 2023
Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion

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November 27, 2023
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More About Idle Oil Capitalist-oil staion

Engaging but simplistic gameplay
Fossil is waiting for you to uncover!
Mythic mines contain goods beyond your wildest dreams.
Empires are vying to build various goods, such as: airplanes, automobiles, and computers.
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Experience a wealth of different game modes!
–Era Reports: This game mode automatically issues a plan based on your current empire's needs to optimize development.
–Refinery: Refineries create various goods, such as: nuclear submarines, nuclear missiles, airplanes, etc. They also have a [Refine] function to expedite production.
–Laboratory: Research various goods to increase sales cost or improve manufacturing for surprising results.
–Zeppelin Warfare: Tap zeppelins that randomly appear for various rare loots to help expedite your empire's development.
–Commodity Mode: Optimize commodity trading to achieve victory. You might just become rich overnight!
–Order Mode: Communicate with other empires to fulfill orders and earn bountiful rewards.
–Illustration Mode: Satisfy the collector in you by collecting various goods for handsome rewards.
–Development Mode: Complete missions in each era to unlock a new era's features. All new exciting content awaits you to explore!
–Postal Mode: Take advantage of commerce opportunities with other countries to earn all sorts of rare resources!

Build oil wells, improve refineries, fulfill orders, conduct research, upgrade transportation terminals, and hire industry experts on your journey to become a wealthy capitalist!

Subscription instructions and precautions for the official website subscription function
1. Subscription price and expiration
You can subscribe "Ad-free (month)" in the game, the subscription price is $9.99, and the subscription expires for a natural month (30 days). (Price varies by region)
2. About subscription content
Complete the use of the subscription. You can get a special experience inside the subscription expiration. The special content is:
-Lucky Wheel is free of ads
-The homepage video is free of ads and get rewards directly
-npc free acceleration
-All content that is rewarded by watching ads​​ may be rewarded for free
3. About automatic renewal
The official subscription function is an automatic renewal subscription. The automatic renewal function can be managed in the settings. If the automatic renewal function is not turned off within 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, the subscription will automatically renew after expiration.
4. User Agreement and Privacy Policy
User Agreement and Privacy Policy: https://sf1-draftcdn-tos.pstatp.com/obj/ies-hotsoon-draft/Ohayoo_Global_ToS_PP/IdleOilCapitalistToS.html
5. Unsubscribe process
If you want to cancel the subscription, please select the subscription corresponding to "Idel Oil Capitalist" on your device, and then cancel the subscription again

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