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Idle Mafia Godfather: City War

Idle Mafia Godfather: City War

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3.61/5 (31 Reviews) November 23, 2023
Idle Mafia Godfather: City War Idle Mafia Godfather: City War Idle Mafia Godfather: City War Idle Mafia Godfather: City War Idle Mafia Godfather: City War Idle Mafia Godfather: City War

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November 23, 2023
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Grow your own small-time gang until it turns into a famous Mafia Family! Live a glamorous life in the Prohibition Era as a lowlife gangster and climb the ranks to become the Godfather of Hollywood, Las Vegas and Chicago! Run your own cartel, do crime, conduct a heist, start a bud farm, grow weed - and last but not least, RULE the underworld! Do you think you have what it takes to be the biggest mob cartel in town? Can YOUR Mafia Family become the new Cosa Nostra and MAKE HISTORY?
- Make them an offer they can’t refuse: Take over the businesses of another gangster cartel by intimidating them with force… or money. Participate in shootouts over bud farms and become the underworld narcos in the history of the Prohibition Era!
- Behind every successful fortune: There is a crime. Pull off the world’s hardest heist in history and participate in underworld shootouts like the godfather with other mob gangs like the Cosa Nostra and see who comes out on top in the gang wars!
- A great gangster isn’t born great, they grow great: It’s not just about the cartel money - it’s about the journey. C’mon, bud - create your own crime story with a weed heist and narcos! Show your gang how YOU became the godfather of the mafia!
- Family is everything: Recruit new mob narcos into your gang and become their gangster leader and godfather. In the Mafia, Family is Family - whether you’re blood-related or not!
- Weed out the competition: Launder money like the Cosa Nostra, build weed farms for narcos, take part in a heist and grow bud in this idle mafia cartel game! Make your crime history by going down as the richest mafia ever!
- Become the new Cosa Nostra: Take over various cities in the US like Hollywood, Las Vegas or Chicago and go down in history as the biggest underworld mafia gangster mob ever!

Become the true kingpin narcos of the underworld with your mob gang family. Grow the best weed in your bud farm and pull off the most impressive heist! Fight against your enemies like the Godfather and the Cosa Nostra! Play Idle Mafia Empire now!

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