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French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine

French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine

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3.68/5 (28 Reviews) November 25, 2023
French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine

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November 25, 2023
Learn language by level. TCF
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More About French Words A1-B1 | 2Shine

Learn French faster! Expand your vocabulary with the best word trainer app. Our new vocabulary builder app is suitable for self-study or as an additional way to learn French.We have 4 levels: Beginner (A0),Elementary (A1),Pre-Intermediate (A2),Intermediate (B1).You are going to love 2Shine - a brand new tutorial app. You will find the most necessary vocabulary for each level and exam preparation here!It’s time to speed up your language learning!
If you want to:
- learn French words easily and naturally,
- not only recognize the meaning but also use new words in a sentence (feature available for level B1)
- learn to read French in the fastest time possible
- get ready for DELF, TCF, TEF, or TEFAQ exams
- prepare for a business trip or a job interview, learn to communicate on the most common topics - our free app is perfect even for learning languages
- learn new words and memorize French pronunciation
Our vocabulary trainer is just what you are looking for!

Learn words every day with a unique repetition game system that will make memorizing new words a pleasure! Boost your French learning! Collect coins, share our app with your friends, and unlock secret topics!

Each level of the 2Shine application includes 20 most important and necessary topics.
Learn French words gradually - start from Beginner and reach high levels with us!

Advantages of our vocabulary trainer:
translation and selection of the most necessary French vocabulary on relevant topics
context and lack of translation for B1 level
improve your French pronunciation
practice listening, meaning, spelling, use of French dictionary - learning new words is so easy with the 2Shine app!
find out your level with our placement test for a better learning experience,
regular reinforcement of new vocabulary,
take the final test and get a certificate - show off your French by levels!
a wide variety of topics: various areas of life, any level, any situation. Explore most popular topics, such as family, hobbies, study, work, shopping, technology, the world around us, in a cafe, at a doctor, food, and many others. You will love our advanced vocabulary sets for all levels
learn by playing: earn stickers for completing topics, collect coins to unlock the certificate test! It’s a brand new level of learning French!

Our language learning application is suitable both for beginners and more advanced students. Our user progress tracking system and instant feedback will help you expand your vocabulary. Learn French words faster!

Our placement test will help you choose the most suitable level - all the necessary vocabulary is here!
Learning French anywhere, anytime - whenever you have a free minute! Learn words every day! No matter what your level is - 2Shine always has something to offer.

It’s easy to learn languages with us - we have main CEFR levels: 0 (PreA1), A1, A2, B1. Reach new heights with 2Shine. Our word learning app will help you learn more effectively! Try one of the best vocabulary apps on the market now!

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