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English Tests: Prepositions

English Tests: Prepositions

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English Tests: Prepositions English Tests: Prepositions English Tests: Prepositions

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December 02, 2023
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Travelers, students and language learners of all levels will benefit from using this app. It can be used both as a practical reference and as a self-study tool.
Prepositions play an especially important role in the English language. A preposition reflects various interactions between two words (spatial, causal, and others).
It is especially important to use prepositions correctly and understand their meaning. It is prepositions that make it possible to connect sentences together and often determine their meaning.
English learners often have difficulty learning English prepositions, because they often do not coincide in meaning of the prepositions of their native language. One preposition can be translated and used in different ways depending on the context of the sentence or depending on the words surrounding it. Prepositions are often used as part of stable structures, many verbs are always used with certain prepositions, and such expressions need to be remembered.
To learn and correctly use all the variety of prepositions in the English language, we are ready to offer you our application for English prepositions.
Our application contains many tests with which you will quickly bring your skills to automatism. The tests are divided into several sections for your convenience. Each test consists of 10 questions and multiple choices. You need to carefully read the sentence and choose the correct answer. Thanks to this format, you can use our application every free minute, because such a few questions will not take much time.
At the end of each test, you will be able to see the statistics of your answers. Correct and incorrect answers will be marked there. This way you can see your mistakes and correct them quickly.
Also, our application contains reference information on the grammar of the English language, in this case, the grammar of the most frequently used prepositions. You will be able to learn the basic rules for using prepositions and quickly organize your knowledge. Beginners of English will be able to quickly get the most necessary information about the prepositions of the English language.
Our application is suitable both for independent study of English and English prepositions, and as an additional tool for preparing for exams, including international ones (TOEFL, IELTS).
The ease of use of our application gives you the opportunity to teach English to both children and adults.
Tests for learning English prepositions give you the opportunity to quickly fill in the gaps in your knowledge and take your vocabulary to a higher level.

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