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Christmas Spirit 5 f2p

Christmas Spirit 5 f2p

1.0.15 by Do Games Limited
2.28/5 (112 Reviews) December 01, 2023
Christmas Spirit 5 f2p Christmas Spirit 5 f2p Christmas Spirit 5 f2p Christmas Spirit 5 f2p Christmas Spirit 5 f2p Christmas Spirit 5 f2p Christmas Spirit 5 f2p Christmas Spirit 5 f2p

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December 01, 2023
Do Games Limited
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New f2p puzzles, brain teasers and mini-games of The Christmas Spirit: Golden Ticket where you need to find hidden objects and win Domini games! This christmas adventure game has no plot differences with the original xmas puzzle, and its main feature is that you can play the entire christmas hidden object games free!
Don’t let bullies steal your gift! Bad kids want all Christmas presents! Who will stop them? Good boy Christopher wants to visit Santa Claus’ land. Unfortunately, one kid is too jealous to let him do that… It’s Christmas Eve. A boy named Christopher writes a letter to Santa Claus. The teenager has only one wish – to visit his land, the North Pole. His parents have lost their merry Christmas spirit, and Christopher hopes that gifts from Safta will cheer them up. As impossible as it seems, the good wizard reads his letter and sends him the Golden Ticket to the Polar Express! Still, the trip is going to be rough because a group of bad boys wants to steal all the Christmas spirit and gifts made for the good kids! And their sneaky leader, Harmverse, is up to no good…

🎅 Catch a cunning thief in the Bonus Chapter!
After you play through the main Сhristmas story of our match-3 quest, you can embark on a new Сhristmas adventure in a bonus game! Don't let the Xmas spirit go out in the hearts of adults and children! Catch the enemies of Christmas who are stealing hidden objects! You’ll need all your wits and courage!

🎅 Explore Santa’s land, the astonishing North Pole!
Have you ever been to the virtual North Pole? Santa Claus is waiting for you with puzzles and Domini games! Explore the beautiful, bright and unforgettable corners of this mysterious and cold pole in our f2p Сhristmas games!

🎅 Gather collectibles and look for morphing objects!
You can be a real explorer, because the world of our Domini games f2p every corner is filled with tales in Сhristmas decorations! Replay your favorite free to play christmas game and mini-games, solve fun puzzles and find out hidden objects, cleverly hidden throughout!

🎅 Cool achievements, wallpapers, concept arts, and more!
These free christmas games have plenty of extras for you to enjoy! Earn cool achievements, and download exclusive wallpapers, concept arts, music, and more!

Download one of the most amazing christmas hidden object games free – The Christmas Spirit: Golden Ticket! Play the game for absolutely free, but if you feel stuck or don’t want to solve a mini-game, you may buy hints to help you proceed quicker!

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Play awesome christmas adventure winter xmas puzzles 2022 - 2023! And win christmas hidden object games free f2p Domini Games.

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