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Generate flashcards from notes
When users use flashcards to learn, they will encounter the problem that their knowledge points are scattered in every corner, and it is difficult for users to sort out a knowledge network from it.
Anki Note is designed to solve the problem. In Anki Note, you will edit your notes and mark important content. Anki Note will generate flashcards based on your mark and remind you to review based on the SM2 algorithm.


- Take notes.
- Markdown shortcuts.
- Code Block (Anki Note Pro)
- Attachments (pictures, photos, and docs).
- All your attachments will be saved on your iCloud and local device, Anki Note will not get any of your private data.
- Support linking to other notes via the syntax `[[notes`.

Daily Notes
- Daily Notes will create a new note that is automatically named with the current date. If it already exists, it will open that note. This is a valuable way to create a daily log, to-do list, or a list of links to notes that you have created on a specific day.

Manage notes
- All notes are organized into a tree, where child notes are attached to parent notes.
- Support creating "sub-notes" for a single note, and support continuous creation of "sub-notes" in "sub-notes" with unlimited levels.
- Support adjusting the position of notes by dragging and dropping.
- Support staring notes.

Build a Network of Notes
- Bi-directional linking.
- Link notes from notes and flashcards.
- Support Backlinks: View the content link to the current note.
- Graph
- The relationship graph shows the notes related to the current note (parent note, child note, forward-linked note, back-linked note).
- The relationship graph shows how all the notes are related to each other (parent-child, forward/backward links).

- Create flashcards.
- Front and back flashcards.
- Clozes.
- Create flashcards from notes.
- Select a piece of text in the note and click the "flashcard" icon to mark the currently selected content as a cloze.
- For each note, click the "Mark the note as one card" button, Anki Note will automatically turn the note into a flashcard, make the note's title on the front of the card, and make the content of the note on the back of the card.

View and manage flashcards
- Anki Note provides multiple views for viewing all flashcards in multiple dimensions.
- View flashcards related to "Today".
- View flashcards in different statuses.
- View flashcards by notes.
- Archive flashcards.
- Archived flashcards will no longer be reminded to review, but you can still view them at any time through the "Archived" list.
- Reset flashcards.
- The learning progress of the card will be cleaned and the card will be reset to a new card.

- Anki Note uses the SM2 repeat algorithm to remind you to review flashcards.
- You can arrange your way of reviewing.
- Study all-new cards.
- Review all the cards that need to be reviewed in the list.
- Study all cards on the list.

- Import PDF in Anki Note and use this PDF file as a note.
- Read PDF in Anki Note.
- Add annotations: drawing, highlight, rectangle, and text.
- Create flashcards by PDF highlighted text.
- Create flashcards by PDF rectangle annotation.

- Add tags to your notes and cards for easy management and maintenance.
- Hierarchical hashtag.
- A hierarchical hashtag, like 'TechCompanies/Microsoft', will be displayed in a tree-like hierarchy.
- Tags are displayed in alphabetical order by default

- iCloud Sync, Keep your data in-sync across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (Anki Note Pro).
- All your data will be saved on your iCloud or local device, Anki Note will not get any of your private data.

- Privacy Policy
- https://tea-note.github.io/#/en/anki_note_privacy
- Terms and Conditions
- https://tea-note.github.io/#/en/anki_note_terms

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