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Dec 10, 2021
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「BLOCKMAN GO」 × 「4D GUMMY」 collaboration is officially launched!

Update Notes
-Personal island update
-Personal island size extended to 49×49×49
-Island extension upgrade,from 99×99×99 B7to 199×199×199
-Lowed the Exp. provided by the blocks, in order to match the enlarged map
-Cost of island extension was lowered greatly, players can use gold coins or G-cubes to extend to the max size
-Mining Area reworked to be picking up the blocks when the blocks are destroyed( Two mining areas have 16 types of blocks, 32 colors of blocks can all be found in the mining area)
-Movement speed modification, now you can run faster
-Jump speed modification, now you can land faster
-Items drop modification, now items can be dropped faster
-New LOGO for the Billboard
-Replace the star icon in backpack and leaderboard to “EXP”, to make it easier for players tp understand where it come from and how it works
-AMOS CANDY WORLD leviating blocks added in Mining Area

Graphic Design Modification
-Graphic design stayles changed to all pure color blocky style
-Changed some old chartlets,to make them match the theme
-Updated the new sky background

-Monsters will drop the blocks of the color of it’s own
-Really low chance to drop the monster exclusive blocks

-Significantly reduced the price of items and props in the store
-Added LOLLI&POPS theme limited box
-Added LOLLI&POPS theme limited cloak
-LOLLI&POPS themed limited bear statue added
-Added 32 colors of pure color blocks
-Each pure colored blocks now has a corresponding placement sound effect
-Removed unnecessary items (shovel, axe, hoe, dirt, glow block, bucket, half-brick block)
-Island extension packs changed to A4099×99×99、149×149×149、199×199×199
-New Items(Ruby pickaxe: unlimited duration, fast digging)
-Buttons in the shop have AMOS logo
-Fruit seeds in the shop added AMOS logo
-Integrated the planting items together, back then you need to plow the grass to plant the seeds, now only the soil(now called soil)

BUG Fixes
-Fixed the bug where the monsters will not disappear when killed

Performance Optimization
-Deep Optimization for the devices with low performance
-removed some unnecessary resources, chartlet optimization, file size reduction
-After new players logged in, vision range will be low,and it could be changed in settings page
-Map and Monsters view range optimization, distant objects will no longer be rendered
-Mining map optimized, now the game will run more smoothly


What's new

What's new in 1.1.9
1.Bug fixed


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